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Auburn Speedster Jr.




  The Auburn Speedster Jr. Pedal Car is built for the recreational industry. The two passenger Jr. Pedal Car is a fun, classy, pedal driven vehicle that provides great exercise for adults and children. It is powered by dual independent pedal systems and comes with a rumble seat for additional people. The Jr Pedal Car is built with a custom aluminum frame, fiberglass body, front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, disc brakes, and optional AM/FM radio or wireless speakers for bluetooth.

   Previous to the infamous "Be Bop Burger" in Santa Barbara, CA being shut down, the Auburn Speedster Jr. Pedal Car rented at $28.00 an hour. As a result, this became a very lucrative and successful business.


Milan Coach Builders, LLC has sold the Auburn Speedster Jr. Pedal Car to several bike rental facilities around the country. With having this car in their inventory, they have encountered big returns on their investment.